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Kre8ers Cover Band
Local Foreigners Experimental
The Upbeat Beatles Alternative Rock
Blaenau Gwent
Clarity As Arson Heavy Metal
Dead Man Walkin Rock
Elvis Mania Rhythm and Blues
Fabricated Lunacy Cover Band
Fell On Black Days Heavy Metal
Neil Morgan Blues
NOW & THEN Rhythm and Blues
The Pieces Of Mind Rhythm and Blues
To The Depths Rock
Your Protected Alternative Rock
Artillery Cover Band
Back To The Attic Cover Band
Blue Gasoline Cover Band
Geraint Williams Folk
IdleTalk Cover Band
Mid Glamorgan Accordion Band Dance
Mid Glamorgan Accordion Band Show Tunes
Nova Flower Dance
Nu-Chant Cover Band
The Sker Krows Cover Band
Whiskey Lies Rock
9xDead Rock
Allan Yn Y Fan Celtic
Black Of Night Heavy Metal
Black Sabbath Tribute - N.I.B. Cymru Heavy Metal
Blackwaters Blues
Dead City Heavy Metal
Fromage En Feu Klezmer
In Construction Rock
Jeremy Richards Progressive Rock
Johnny Trashed Country
The Memphis Beat By Decade
Turnin' Left Blues
Witness To The Reform Progressive Rock
10 Minute Preview Rock
2 Tickets 2 The Gunshow Cover Band
4th Street Traffic Cover Band
A New Day Rock
Aaok Alternative Rock
ACAB Cover Band
Age Of Rock Cover Band
All For The Fall Progressive Rock
All Our Sins Heavy Metal
Appleberry Celtic
Arkaane Cover Band
Ascari Rock
Background Noise Blues
Bee To The Itch Experimental
Blackfire Theory Rock
Bleed Electric Electronic
Bliszko Alternative Rock
Blood Of A Poet Rock
Blues Central Blues
Boris Folk
Box Of Thumbs Alternative Rock
Breichiau Hir Alternative Rock
Broken City Skyline Rock
Broken Nose Punk
Broken Sleep Electronic
By Jupiter Rock
Capitol Confusion Rock
Caught Red Handed Rock
Charlie Says Alternative Rock
Circa Regna Tonat Experimental
Classic Soul Dogs Jazz
Classic Soul Dogs Soul Band Jazz
Coaldust Alternative Rock
Coronajones Alternative Rock
Cowboy And The Corpse Country
D´taba Latin
Dansette Rhythm and Blues
Dayer Alternative Rock
Demeter Grieving Alternative Rock
Detached Ska
Deus. Sol Invictus. Experimental
Distortion! Pop
Doc Savage Punk
Door To Darkness Alternative Rock
Eat The Tv Alternative Rock
Echolounge Alternative Rock
Eden Shadow Experimental
Eightfrets Blues
Eject Pilot Eject Rock
Encore Acoustic Duo Cover Band
EONBLU Cover Band
Fat Rupert Experimental
Feral Chile African
FILTA Electronic
Finger Puppets Alternative Rock
Firewoodisland Folk
Firstamongequals Rock
FJORDS Alternative Rock
Frontline Fire Alternative Rock
Funktion Jazz
Germinal Alternative Rock
Glasshouse Cover Band
Go-x Alternative Rock
Graffiti Cover Band
Graffiti Cover Band
Green Haze,Green Day Tribute Band Cover Band
Guerrilla Monsoon Heavy Metal
High Five For Heroes Rock
His New Atlas Easy Listening
Hunted Heavy Metal
Iguazu Blues
James Davies Emo
Jocanovic Folk
Johnny And The Bandits Rock
Jugganote Experimental
JuggaNote Experimental
Julia Harris Pop
Kale Easy Listening
Keith Camilleri Pop
Kennedy Sunday Alternative Rock
Krystal Mills Cover Band
Last Chance Heroes Cover Band
Last Chance To Dance Pop
Let Them Perish Heavy Metal
LoveGadgetsHateGizmos Rock
Lunapins Alternative Rock
Memphis Duo Rock
Midweek Crisis Band Pop
Milano Blues
Mills And Boone Country
Missdalogik Alternative Rock
Monkfish Alternative Rock
Moon Face And The Familiar Shapes Alternative Rock
Morning Star Rock
Motive Alternative Rock
Mr Lizard Rock
My Front Page Alternative Rock
My Very Best Alternative Rock
My Void Alternative Rock
Mytralites Heavy Metal
Neversleep Alternative Rock
Nick Ward Alternative Rock
Nimrods Rock
No Alibi Cover Band
No Disrespect Blues
Not My Finest Hour Pop
November Criminals Experimental
Off The Cuff Rock
Open Seam Alternative Rock
Oxbowlake Country
Pelican Groove Wedding Band Cover Band
Perfect Alibi Progressive Rock
Perfect Day Party Band Cover Band
Pippa Rogers Rock
Planetman Rock
Poket Trez Dance
Pokkuri Alternative Rock
Purple Spiral Project Rock
Read Between The Lies Punk
Recluse Alternative Rock
Red Jam Jazz
Rhesusnegative Alternative Rock
Rise In Our Time Alternative Rock
S.e.x. Rock
Sankara Celtic
SCRUFF Cover Band
SDR Heavy Metal
Semi-mental Cover Band
She Says Blues
Sidewinder Alternative Rock
Sink Or Swim Punk
Sitris Alternative Rock
Sixty Rock
Skelter Cover Band
Sleeping On The Edge Rock
Smoulderin' Oaks Jazz
Souldriver Alternative Rock
Soundstorm Pop
Spider Kitten Experimental
Spiridion Experimental
StageFlight Cover Band
Stainless Steve Blues
State The Obvious Experimental
Stereosonics Rock
Stopmotion Men Alternative Rock
Stray Borders Experimental
Suitcase Pop
Swing From Paris Jazz
Symphonika Alternative Rock
Talkin Blues Blues
Tall Order Cover Band
Tencenttoy Rock
The Aesthetics Rock
The Big What?! Band Blues
The Burbins Alternative Rock
The Cartelles Alternative Rock
The Ch´Boogie Band Blues
The Dead End Friends Blues
The Dead Zeds Rock
The Dons Rock
THE DUBIOUS ONES Alternative Rock
The Durangos Rock
The Explosive Light Orchestra Rock
The Gillettes Blues
The Glory Cover Band
The Habits Cover Band
The Happenin Heavy Metal
The Harrowing Heavy Metal
The Hindenburgs Rock
The Hustle Rock
The Irascibles Blues
The Liberty Big Band Swing
The Liberty Big Band Swing
The Lips Cover Band
The Little Welsh Blues Band Blues
The Lowlights Rock
The Lushtones Cover Band
The MDs Alternative Rock
The Melophobes Punk
The Mistaken Rock
The Motive Alternative Rock
The Mudd Pimps Alternative Rock
The New Fast Black Alternative Rock
The No Sleep Police Hip Hop
The Other Club Rock
The Rise Alternative Rock
The Rise Of Decay Heavy Metal
The Rockin' Sinners Alternative Rock
The Rosie Walters Band Rock
The Soul Miners Cover Band
The Special Brew Ska
The Stanley Band Rock
The Sundance Kids Rock
The Switch Cover Band
The Tunguska Event Alternative Rock
The Unknowns Rock
The Valves Alternative Rock
The Vehement Rock
The Zimms Rock
Theheytrade Alternative Rock
Thick As Thieves Cover Band
Third Party Experimental
Tippin´ Wagons Alternative Rock
Tom Brosseau Folk
Torquemada Rock
Tryfan Trio Experimental
Tuna Kings Cover Band
Ulteria Motive Rock
Vend Alternative Rock
Vertical Down Rock
Vintage Rebels Cover Band
Viva La Burn Rock
Vomitous Stench Heavy Metal
Weird Naked Indian Rock
Wilson Pop
Without Due Haste Heavy Metal
Wolves Of St August Experimental
Zephyr Rock
Amazonne Progressive Rock
Blackshere Rock
Caroline Harrison Folk
Conductors Alternative Rock
Downhill Alternative Rock
Glory Cover Band
Son Of One Eye Alternative Rock
Stand Up And Shout Alternative Rock
The Empty Shed Experience Celtic
Trenchfoot Folk
BRENIG Country
Calum Duell Alternative Rock
Sandwitch Folk
Sucker Chump Punk
The Spookers Experimental
Colwyn Bay
Breakout Punk
Capguns For Arcade Experimental
Hogchild Rock
Race Against Disaster Alternative Rock
Red Zephyr Rock
The Cellar Dwellers Pop
Un-aimed Rock
3ac Rock
Beats Per Minute Electronic
Bonzai Massacre Punk
Giant Rock
Junebug Alternative Rock
The Storyville Mob Blues
Alans Exit Alternative Rock
Drown The Culprit Alternative Rock
Electric Band Cover Band
Set The Fuse Alternative Rock
The Maligned Alternative Rock
The Razor Wires Alternative Rock
Waves Of Frenzy Alternative Rock
Wee Bag Band Celtic
Youth Of Dismay Alternative Rock
Bill Malkin & The Band Wagon Easy Listening
D-Void Heavy Metal
Something Out Of The Ordinary Rock
The Band Wagon Easy Listening
The Bossa Quartet Jazz
The Kites Cover Band
The Peace Creatures Experimental
Daystream Rock
Radio Rhydd Punk
Sarah Louise Owen Folk
WILDFIRE Alternative Rock
Merthyr Tydfil
A470 Rock
AudioCanvas Alternative Rock
Band Name Pending Rock
Better Late Than Never Cover Band
Brother Jake Rhythm and Blues
Dodgem-x Punk
Fish In A Tree Rock
Freeloader Heavy Metal
Late Uncle Richie Blues
Mid Life Crisis Cover Band
Mimesis Cover Band
Multi_storey Earthworm Experimental
My Name Is Dave Alternative Rock
Parcel Of Rogues Rock
Paul Davies Live Guitar Sounds Easy Listening
Plasterscene Rock
RedShift Alternative Rock
Reverend Groove Cover Band
Serpentine Parade Rock
Slide Away Siss Cover Band
SOUND The ATTACK! Alternative Rock
Stereophonish Rock
The Darlington Jacks Alternative Rock
The Darlington Jacks X Alternative Rock
The E Street Shuffle Blues
The Gladstones Alternative Rock
The Oratorios Alternative Rock
Big Sky Country
Bon Giovi Rock
Crimes Against Folk Country
Crochez Moi Alternative Rock
Life Of Riley Country
Lounging About Dance
Pangolin Country
Shootin' The Crow Country
Silurian Country
SuperStar Band Cover Band
Tarion Alternative Rock
The Nameless Cover Band
The Red Tears Punk
Thousand Fingers Experimental
Times Up Progressive Rock
Neath Port Talbot
Ellen Evans Cover Band
Frontline Fire Alternative Rock
Hoodoo Moon Alternative Rock
Mr Morgan's Music Folk
Skinny White Boy Rock
Stars And Flights Alternative Rock
The Fender Benders Blues
Albino Frogs Funk
Amy And The Aviators Cover Band
Backstreet Symphony Cover Band
Big John Country
Blind River Scare Country
Byebye Dollface Rock
Cyclotron Experimental
Dead Shade Of Red Heavy Metal
Dean Mack ELVIS Tribute Artist Cover Band
Demon Orgy Heavy Metal
Deniro Religious
Doods On Stools Country
Dusk Rock
Elovate Alternative Rock
Five Dollar Shakedown Blues
Fourth Autumn Heavy Metal
Goin' Nowhere Cover Band
Goombay Dance Band Pop
Humble Grumble Rock
In Crimson Ruin Heavy Metal
Jennie Clark Alternative Rock
Jizzwagon Rock
Kazuya Rock
Keep It Dark Blues
Kyshera Alternative Rock
Lanny C Alternative Rock
LetThemPerish Heavy Metal
Life!Death!Prizes! Jazz
Luke Doherty And Enzo Blues
Michelle-ellen Easy Listening
Millennium Cover Band
Neon Knights Cover Band
New Trix Rock
Ninth Gate Cover Band
One String Loose Experimental
Paradigm Shift Cover Band
Peel Your Own Spuds Alternative Rock
Plinth Punk
Reconcile Alternative Rock
Rock Monster Wales Rock
Seclusion Overnight Rock
SKINT Cover Band
Smokestaks Country
Sonoma Alternative Rock
Spellbound Cover Band
Star Of 59 Alternative Rock
Ten Cent Toy Alternative Rock
Ten Cent Toy Heavy Metal
The Deal Rock
The Dukes Rhythm and Blues
The Hyde Rock
The Source Cover Band
The Stand Cover Band
The5150s Alternative Rock
Theshallowsouls Heavy Metal
TurnerStreet Crash Cover Band
Up The Function Blues
Wardance Rock
12 Gauge Alliance Rock
20 Seconds To Die For Alternative Rock
52 Pink Ellifants Rock
A Sight Unseen Heavy Metal
Affirmation Cover Band
Against Fate Heavy Metal
Along The Line Of Ruin Heavy Metal
Alpine Butterfly Rock
Amledd Alternative Rock
Anaemic Heavy Metal
Angel To Enslave Heavy Metal
Background Noise Cover Band
Baktrak Cover Band
Band Of Rain Progressive Rock
Bensem Pop
Blind Ambition Alternative Rock
Blood Soaked Vengeance Rock
Blue Blisters Blues
Canned Rock
Caswallon Ap Cranc Folk
Catching Smoke Alternative Rock
Cherrywood Heavy Metal
Clockwork Radio Alternative Rock
Cojiro Progressive Rock
Convoi Exceptionnel Dance
Cuba Cuba Experimental
Cutting The Beef Rock
D.T.A Hip Hop
David Ruddle Easy Listening
Deadend Heavy Metal
Devious Rock
Dirty Trix Rock
Distortion Progressive Rock
Doctor Rock Rock
Dogzuki Alternative Rock
DOOBIE Alternative Rock
Eleventh Apparition Heavy Metal
Entity Heavy Metal
Evolvers Experimental
Fate Will Fall Heavy Metal
Figurehead Alternative Rock
Forgotten Sleep Alternative Rock
Frequency Alternative Rock
Frequency2 Rock
Fret To Society Rock
Ghost Of A Dog Country
Hand Of The Daedra Heavy Metal
Hecatombe Rock
Hells Bells Rock Disco Rock
Her Portrait In Black Alternative Rock
Ianto Fullpelt Blues
In Case Of Emergency Rock
In The Firing Line Heavy Metal
Itfl Heavy Metal
Johnny Action Finger Rock
Kamikazee Millionaires Rock
Klaus Kinski Experimental
Komodo Rock
Kre8ers Alternative Rock
Laying Jade Alternative Rock
Leggofingers Rock
Leucine Alternative Rock
Life! Death! Prizes! Zydeco
Lowri Evans Folk
Mabatad Blues
Malpas Alternative Rock
Mantra Funk
Melou Jazz
Micrographia Experimental
Mike Markey & Nick Jones Blues
Mixture Rhythm and Blues
Moongazer Folk
Moro Sky Alternative Rock
My Significant Other Alternative Rock
Negative Profile Heavy Metal
No Machine Alternative Rock
No One Knows Cover Band
No One Knows! Rock
Nun The Weiser Cover Band
On Arrival Rock
One Room Down Rock
Oneyeopen Alternative Rock
Ordersixty-six Alternative Rock
Our Business Is Terror Rock
Panama Red Rock
Patchy Alternative Rock
Project 25 Rock
Project25 Alternative Rock
Random Conflict Heavy Metal
Reck´d Heavy Metal
Relaypse Heavy Metal
Rift Cover Band
Right Turn Blind Alternative Rock
Same Old Game Punk
Sanction Rock
Sarah Louise Country
Sekaband Cover Band
Set For Destruction Rock
Sexy Action News Rock
Shoot To Kill Emo
Sierra Alpha Alternative Rock
Silent Epiphany Alternative Rock
Silver Fish Cover Band
Small Tree Down Alternative Rock
Smooth Roscoe & The Goo Rock
Some Electric Life Alternative Rock
Some Guy And His Mates Rock
Something Personal Alternative Rock
Son Of A Bitch Blues
Sona Alternative Rock
Starsci Rock
Sticky Pig Blues
Stormy Monday Blues
Susan Raven Celtic
T Minus One Cover Band
Tayla Made Alternative Rock
Terminal 24 Rock
The Autonomy Within Heavy Metal
The Brothers Blue Blues
The Cigars Heavy Metal
The Committed Alternative Rock
The Dapper Cadavers Ska
The Dapper Cadavers Ska
The Don Punk
The Flobbalywobblesh Opera
The Hawks Country
The Hostages Rock
The Iain Luke Experience Rock
The Lockup Rock
The Measurements Group Rock
The Michael Winners Punk
The Naughty Thoughts Alternative Rock
The One Rock
The Pain Punk
The Policemen Cover Band
The Red Kites Rock
The Shoplifters Alternative Rock
The Shortcuts Punk
The Strats Blues
The Vendettas Rock
Thelock-up Rock
Thislastscene Experimental
Tomorrows History Experimental
Too Many Magicians Progressive Rock
Treading Water Rock
Undercare Alternative Rock
Vacant Chair Progressive Rock
Valleum Rock
Violetones Blues
Walker-nash Country
White Knuckle Jones Rock
Winchhouse Rock
Winter Knights Heavy Metal
Zlatko Vuletic Pop
...and The Machine Screamed Experimental
Ah When Experimental
Beige Suede Emo
Bi-Set Duo Rock
Cabbage Cocaine Punk
I Like Pop. Cover Band
Jahmings Maccow Reggae
Katie Morgan Jazz
Pickle Weed Punk
Rick Berry And The Retrospex Alternative Rock
Rick Berry And The Retrospex Alternative Rock
RocCana Cover Band
The Spin Off Country
Wink 535 Punk
Yewdrops Experimental
Ally Kemp Jazz
Angus Powell Folk
Jon Storey's Rhythm Method Alternative Rock
MAJOR TRIADZ Experimental
Mr H Blues
Sally Crosby Pop
Silures Alternative Rock
Synthetica Alternative Rock
The Pain Punk
Too Loud For The Legion Alternative Rock
Wales Party Band Dance
X-Ray Junction Punk
Rhondda Cynon Taff
Bad Reputation Rock
Blackhouse Rock
Cherry Rebels Rock
Coalition Cover Band
Damm Fools Cover Band
Dave May Folk
Devious Rock
Electric Furnace Heavy Metal
Elvis Preseli & The Undertakers Rock
Image Of Lennon Cover Band
My Name Is Dave Dance
Nath Trevett Folk
New Cuddly Toys Cover Band
Nirhoda Rock
Owen Money & The Travelling Wrinklies Pop
Red Room Therapy Rock
Rhondda Ramones Cover Band
SuckerPunch Cover Band
The Dalizers Alternative Rock
The Kix Cover Band
The Parcel Of Rogues Rock
The Replicas Cover Band
The Shoots Alternative Rock
THE TONEAGE Experimental
The Warthogs Cover Band
The Whole Hogg Cover Band
Acoustic Zeppelin Rock
Afternoon In Paris Jazz
Apollo Blues
Azzurria Rock
BAD RAM Heavy Metal
Bambi Killers Rock
Banjaxed Rock
Bear Bones Folk
Benjamins Drone Easy Listening
Beyond Afterlife Heavy Metal
Breakdown Rock
CARGO (Covers Band) Rock
Celtic Storm Progressive Rock
Cuda Blues
Dakayda Rock
Dave McSpade Alternative Rock
Doctor Watson Cover Band
Doghouse Folk
Entailsentrails Alternative Rock
Final Fling Blues
Fluff Tongue Experimental
Freshold Alternative Rock
Freshold Crew Hip Hop
Gretchyn Dee Alternative Rock
Gwil Evans Experimental
Gypsy Jazz Jazz
Heavy On The Ride Experimental
Heavy On The Ride Rock
Highly Strung Rhythm and Blues
Infamous Rock
Jeyke Rock
Joe Schmo Rock
King Of Despair Country
Little Things Alternative Rock
M.m.s.f Progressive Rock
Mark These Days Heavy Metal
Mellow Goldmine Country
Mook Alternative Rock
Nighon Maiden Heavy Metal
Nihilistic Alternative Rock
nineplanfailed Alternative Rock
Niterox Alternative Rock
No Obligation Rock
One Random Sunday Alternative Rock
Orangefall Rock
Prayntell Rock
Quadriga Alternative Rock
Ross Puleston Music Rock
Sŵn Experimental
Saw It On A T-Shirt Rock
She Likes Surprises Alternative Rock
Sidekick Punk
Soul Jam Blues
Soulless Rock
Soundwire Experimental
Southbound 55 Country
State Of Emergency Punk
Stillburn Alternative Rock
Stokeley Easy Listening
Strange Machinery Alternative Rock
The Avisi Rock
The Blues Stealers Blues
The Buffalo Kings Rock
The Cover Crew Cover Band
The Flames Cover Band
The Illegal Amigoz Punk
The Insiderz Blues
The Metros Rock
The Midweek Revival Rock
The Potboilers Country
The Ride Cover Band
The Screamin´ Eagles Blues
The Swansea Rock Stars Rock
The Thousand Mile Highs Alternative Rock
The Vernz Rock
THE ViVA Alternative Rock
The Yobos Rock
Time Circus Rock
Triaxis Heavy Metal
White Dice Blues
CoDA Cover Band
Grace And Danger Alternative Rock
Nick B Byrne Alternative Rock
Still Got The Blues Blues
The Envys Rock
The Money Shot Cover Band
The Stage Hogs Cover Band
Tres Hombres Cover Band
Two Marks And A Frank Rock
Vale of Glamorgan
Brother Steve Cover Band
Orca Rock
Route 48 Cover Band
Ska Face Ska
SuperStar Cover Band
Too Toned Ska
Broken Alternative Rock
Danblagroyd Alternative Rock
Desecrated Dawn Alternative Rock
Doppelganger Alternative Rock
Fourphit Cover Band
Iguana Rock
Molly´s Chamber (think Lizzy) Cover Band
Mother Of Six Alternative Rock
Popped Up! Cover Band
Saxafaction Celtic
Sixtymoons Blues
The Midbeats Alternative Rock