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LISTEN TO JAZOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PKEKMobUJA

and the superb SOMEDAY from their latest album Destinations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrz3-TY10Ew

Experimental ethno-jazz group Jazoo comes from Slovenia, but in recent years it has been more active abroad than at home. Since its formation, the band has stubbornly insisted on maintaining its musical style. However, it has journeyed and developed over time. The cult musical cast, who are unique, original and write all the music they play, shatter the boundaries of music forms. This can be sensed in their latest album Destinations, where one can feel a perfect blend of modern experimental sounds and European jazz. The influences of Archie Shepp, Omar Sosa and the Esbjörn Svensson Trio are clearly present. The music is eclectic, diverse and highly listenable, and yet also unpredictable and free. By using unusual harmonies and complex polyrhythms, the cast take their listeners on a magical voyage of their music. The latest album captures a moment in time of the creativity of the band, showing that it has managed to move away from its recent work, whilstalways staying loyal to its roots.

There are not many bands that, after two decades of continuous musical activity, would still dare to explore new sounds within the borders of ethno and European jazz, but this experimentation is what defines Jazoo. Destinations is the band’s sixth album, and it proves that fresh discoveries, after all that time, are still possible.

It may be hard to discern their origin, but one can feel a distinctive London presence, where the band has performed regularly over the last few years. It was here that they began collaborating with Max Franosch, a featured ECM Records graphic artist. He has managed visually to convey the epic feel of their musical flow.

Acapela welcome the amazing Jazoo for a concert not to be missed!

Acapela Studio

Heol Y Pentre
CF15 9QD


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