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A low-tech version of PokemonGo could help us to love nature and discover fairies
Calan, the band from Wales admired for their healthy acoustic folk-pop, upfront attitude and brashness of youth are on tour and spreading the word that folklore rocks. With their unique brand of fast paced tunes and the release of their latest album Solomon, Calan tells the story of the old Welsh fairy realm and how sometimes mystic tales and pokemonGo can come together get young people roaming the meadows.
Join Calan for a special concert which is sure to put a smile on your face this Christmas. Watch Calan play Tale of Two Dragons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD4HTluRV7k
The group, who’ve raised some eyebrows with a deliberate policy of eye-catching clothes and presentation, despite the ancient roots of their music, see themselves as a new generation of ambassadors, striving to take their new sound to new audiences.
Folk just got a kick up of the Noughties... stunning use of instrumentation, gorgeously crafted songs, sprightly foot-tappers, verve and raw excitement."
Belfast Telegaph

Calan are touring throughout 2017 and their latest Album called Solomon is available from April 2017.

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Heol Y Pentre
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