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The gentle good

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The Gentle Good is the stage name of the award-winning songwriter and folk musician Gareth Bonello.

Based in the city of Cardiff, Wales, Gareth draws on the traditional music and culture of his homeland to create beautiful modern folk music with a distinctly Welsh character.

Best known for his intricate guitar playing, haunting vocals and captivating acoustic arrangements, Gareth has enchanted audiences at major festivals both in the UK and further afield, most notably in China, India and North America.

The Gentle Good have released several critically acclaimed records including the recent Ruins/Adfeilion, which won the Welsh Music Prize in 2017. The album explores themes of social justice and cultural identity at the start of the 21st Century and is graced with performances from some of the finest musicians in Wales.

International collaboration is a strong feature of Gareth’s work and he has written and performed with artists all over the globe. On the album Y Bardd Anfarwol (The Immortal Bard) he collaborated with traditional Chinese musicians in the Southern city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, to tell the story of the famous Chinese poet Li Bai. The record was awarded the Welsh Language Album of the Year award in 2014 and was also the inspiration behind an award-winning play; Rhith Gân, by Wyn Mason.

Continuing the theme of international collaboration, Gareth is currently studying for a doctorate on the music of the Khasi Hills in North East India, an area with links to Wales because of missionary activity in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Thanks to a research scholarship from the University of South Wales, Gareth is employing creative research techniques to explore the musical connections between the two cultures and is developing a collaborative music project with Khasi/Jaintia artists.

For more information please visit www.thegentlegood.com

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