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The shires

Fri 9th Aug 19 18:30 edit

A simply stunning band, in a simply stunning surrounding, makes for a simply stunning way to spend a summers evening.

We so look forward to welcoming Ben, Chrissie and the band back to Chepstow as they are such lovely people (as well as such wonderful performers).

The Shires first played here back in 2016, with the show both selling out and going on to be featured in the BBC documentary "The Shires: New Country", which detailed their incredible rise to fame and how they spearheaded today's interest in Country Music within the UK (plus footage and interviews of their impact in another little Town, called 'Nashville'). In 2018 we were blessed with another incredible performance.

It's not very often that you get a cohesive bond between Artistes, fans AND a Venue however the band have publically discussed their love and appreciation for our humble Festival with comments such as "its such a beautiful place. I mean this Castle is just absolutely amazing", "definitely come to Castell Roc, Chepstow Castle, whether you are a Band or an Artiste, or to come and watch", "it's such a nice vibe here", "just chill out and enjoy your night, enjoy the music, enjoy everyone else's company" and "you'll make friends here I'm sure".

If you have experienced 'The Shires at Chepstow Castle' before, we are sure you will be back. If you missed the previous shows then come along and see what you've been missing! One other thing that's for sure is a 'sell-out' so you will need to 'buy now' to beat the rush.

Chepstow Castle



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