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Danny dorling peak inequality and the 1%

Fri 13th Sep 19 20:00 edit

Danny Dorling
Peak Inequality and the 1%

The UK is currently at a peak of income inequality. From the mid 1970s to now the UK has gone from being the second most equitable large European state (Sweden was first), to by far the most economically inequitable state on the continent. The gap between rich and poor in the UK is greater than anywhere else in Europe. By 2019 life expectancy is falling, infant mortality is rising, and living standards have fallen faster within the last decade than in any previous decade on record – for most people, other than the very rich.
Danny Dorling will examine a few key questions: Why did this happen? What part did the Conservative Party play in achieving it? How might it have been related to Brexit? What other harm does inequality cause? And how quickly can the income and wealth inequalities of the UK be reduced?

Dorling is Halford Mackinder Professor in geography at Oxford University andauthor of Peak Inequality(2018),Inequality and the 1% (Sept 2019, third edition) and Rule Britannia: Brexit and the End of Empire(2019; with Sally Tomlinson).

Chaired by Richard King, author of The Lark Ascending.

Event organised by Hay &Talgarth and Golden Valley South Branch Labour Parties

Tickets are £3.50 advance and £5 on the door - CASH ONLY at the globe.

The Globe at Hay

Newport Street
Hay on Wye


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