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Wales indonesia music and dance

Sat 16th Nov 19 12:15 edit

Music | Art | dance | Puppets

It is the first event of its kind, where the students from Indonesia and Wales combine their culture of music. The Indonesian students will share their knowledge and skills of traditional classical Gamelan music and Kacapi, which is a zither-like musical instruments, alongside Welsh students currently studying hip hop music, to combine the music and an EP (recorded music)

The 16th November, will include entertainment of music, dance, puppets & Indonesian cuisine.

Opening Ceremony & Guests from Indonesian Embassy UK
Excellency Ambassador Dr Rizal Sukma & Mrs. Hana A Satrio
Deputy Ambassador Mr Adam M Tugio & Mrs Irina Tugio
Education and Culture Attaché Professor E. Aminudin Aziz & Mrs. Teti Herawati
Indonesian Students Residency Programme

smkn10 bandung
Lewis school pengam

Saturday |16:11:2019 | 12:00
Venue :Lewis School Boys, Pengam,
Gilfach, BARGOED, Mid Glam, CF81 8LJ


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