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What Progressive Rock
Where Carmarthenshire
Contact Website: www.butlercolbourn.co.uk
Phone: 44199448473
Facebook: pages/Amazonne/259841384030071?sk=app_178091127385
Email: g.colbourn@btinternet.com

Amazonne Folk Metal Band, are Perryn Butler, vocals, Gaynor Colbourn multi-keyboards, Bob Thomas on drums and percussion, and Matt Collins on guitar and vocals and Mike Forwood on bass. Perryn not only sings, and plays the guitar, she is also a really mean Bodhron play. Gaynor plays the keyboards, but not one, not two, not three, not even four, but six keyboards and a proteus and waveform. The recent aquistion of hers is the PHENOMANAL Korg M3 Keyboard, which is simply outstanding. She has 9 foot pedals which means she can bring sounds up and down, its too much to describe. She really has been described as a keyboard Wizard. Gaynor, though less well known than keyboard wizards like Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson, is up there with them, a keyboard great. This band has subtelty, it has nuance, it has simplicity, but it is also really complex. At a London concert a while ago, the review in the music press on Amazonne stated that they were as unplugged as Pink Floyd !!!
Matt has been playing in a variety of bands, from pop to metal, and he is finding that working with Amazonne has been a challenge! Their music is very different to anything he had played before, and the technical ability he needs for some of the very intricate melodic passages, is stretching him. He loves it!

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