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A New Day

What Rock
Where Cardiff
Contact Website: www.a-new-day.co.uk
Phone: 07859896034
Email: paintingsofrebellion@hotmail.com,rise_against_thee@hotmail.com,a_new_day_123@hotmail.com

we realeased 100 cd a while ago, they have now all gone! there will be no more! as we are going back in the studio to record more songs and touch up on the other ones and release an album. it won´t be until next year as were not rushing it, and we want to do it properly.

a new day have been together since january 2002 gigging and writing our own brand of hard hitting, powerful, aggressive and melodic style emo-punk-rock.

our first recording was at the university of glamorgan, pontypridd where we recorded rapid fire. in november 2004 we hit the studio and recorded the no names mentioned ep. having completed recording, our original guitarist dan schmidt hung up his guitar and new guitarist kyle was recruited.
we believe in our future and our goal is to take our musical career as far as possible. music should be a important part of everybodys lives: this isnt a hobby- it´s our lives, and we all share a passion in producing our music to it´s highest standard.
our inspiration comes from bands ranging from ´the ataris´ to heavier bands like ´rise against´ and ´finch´, however over the years of playing together & constantly writing songs we have adapted our own musical style and have fused together emo punk and rock to give us a much darker sound.
all music listed on this web page is of copyright of a new day. they were edited & mixed by a new day. we would also like to thank celtica radio for broadcasting the songs live

teen spirit august 18th 2006 (www.teenspiritclub.com)
a new day * * * * *
to think anything less than inspiring of a new day would be an injustice in itself. therefore we knew that the music veterans would put on a show full of attitude to say the least. tonight is no exception with the llantwit foursome riproaring through a set entirely of their own material. strongly drawing from the current trend of bands like rise against, this hardhitting melodic punk is hard not to appreciate, a new day have worked so long to perfect their sound. in a nutshell, a new day are the perfect riot soundtrack, frontman callum screamings his lungs out with angst and attitude combined. songs like ´better when new´ impressed me tenfold, and this band are a head above the competition tonight such is the potency of their act onstage. top notch boys, i look forward to your career. ´speak now, or forever hold your peace´. excellence.
18th august 2006 by tim doyle

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