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What Experimental
Where Cardiff
Contact Website: www.1st-festival.com
Phone: 07999931852
Email: info@drop-d-records.com

The Jugganote project started in Jan 2007 and is made up of 5 musicians each with thier own unique styles, influences and back grounds of music.
Jugganote is fronted by bespoken a hip-hop Artist from Barry town in south Wales. The instrumental side of the band provided by a traditianal 3 piece and local Cardiff based DJ Dirty Dyce. The outcome is very unique blend of Experimental and Alternative styles.
Jugganotes mission? To be a high inpact and intense whether your listening to a studio recording or witnessing the music being created live on stage. To continually grow and progress as musicians, a band and possibly a collective? To instigate inspire and encourage change.

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