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The Hindenburgs

What Rock
Where Cardiff
Contact Website: www.hindenburgs.com
Phone: 07791243795
Email: the_hindenburgs@yahoo.co.uk

The Hindenburgs are a 4 piece rock band based in South Wales. If you like good live music, you´ll love these guys; they capture the authentic sound and spirit of classic performances by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Free, The James Gang, even the rockier, more psychedelic sides of The Beatles! Hear the ´wall of sound´ created by Pete Mortimer - guitar [ Love Parade, Neil Finns´ Band of Strangers], Taif - bass [killing Joke, John Martyn, Lloyd Cole], Suzi Chunk [ Omega66, Tigertailz, Rhian Benson, Dark Chunk] on vocals, and the nearest thing to John Bonham this side of the pearly gates - Boofy on drums[Storm Queen]. This band ROCK with a show even the most jaded fan will appreciate - Don´t miss ´em!

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