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James Davies

What Emo
Where Cardiff
Contact Phone: 07792572789
Email: clan_crusader@hotmail.com

James Davies, an acoustic artist hailing from Caerphilly has just turned 18, and has chosen this time to throw his musical ability into the music scene with other such artists and hopes to come out on top.

Previously, James has played plenty of gigs playing in Barfly, TJ´s and Meze Lounge, (amongst other places) playing with Ceri Collins, Kevin Barnes, Ben Squibbs, and more. He also threw his weight around as front man in rock band ´November Criminals´, who have since split up. This however gave him the chance to play with some of the greatest South Wales bands on this generation, including Midasuno, The Story So Far, Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout, Detached, and also Tonight Is Goodbye, Furthest Drive home plus many more.

Deciding his setlist wasn´t strong enough, however, James took the backseat to write and record some new songs, and now having new and exciting material, is making a come back.

James will continue to write and record, but in the mean while asks you to please enjoy what´s up already, and that any comments are very welcome.

If you are interested in booking James Davies for a show or two, get in contact and he will reply as soon as he can.

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