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In 1999 Stereosonics began their began their musical career as a covers band under the name of ´Replicaphonics´, playing a varied repertoire of current and classic anthems. Their set included several Stereophonics tracks and it soon became apparent that Shane (Lead Singer) had the same vocal range and a similar voice to Kelly Jones. So in the summer of 2000 they embarked on a venture into the world of tribute bands.

Stereosonics mastered the large catalogue of Stereophonics songs and began to perform live on a regular basis.They even played a fantastic gig at the Working Man´s Club in Cwmaman, Wales in June 2005. They chose this venue due to it being Kelly, Richard and Stuart´s home town and where the Stereophonics played their first ever live show! The band had the great pleasure of being joined onstage by Stuart Cable - Stereophonics former drummer!

Stuart told mediawales press:

"I was in the club having a couple of drinks with my mates when I was asked if I´d get up and do a song with them," said Stuart, who joined the Leicestershire-based Stereosonics at Glynhafod Top Club, near his mum Mabel´s house earlier this month.

"I suggested we do Local Boy In The Photograph because that´s an easy one to remember. "It was a good laugh and the band played really well"

Playing on stage with Stuart is one of the band´s personal highlights and they received many compliments that evening regarding their performance; Mrs Jones herself even said that Shane sounded like Kelly!

Stereosonics continued to perform gigs around the country, until September 2009 when it was felt that the time was right to return to Cwmaman and a triumphant return it was!

The band sold out the Cwmaman Institute and performed a fantastic show that was enjoyed by all. They again received many compliments on their performance and praise at how close to the real thing they were.

Kelly´s cousin, parents and friends were in residence and each and every one gave a glowing report of Stereosonics reflection of Stereophonics. This achievement was asserted in a personal written accolade from Mr & Mrs Jones, received shortly after the gig -

"Dear Shane, Yeah, we really enjoyed it, although it was strange hearing someone else do the band´s stuff.
It was rather humbling to hear other people giving such a passionate performance of our son´s songs. We spent many years following the Stereophonics before they even become them, and now to hear people like you paying tribute to them, and people we have met at concerts, who are so passionate about the band as we are.
There´s a new album out in November if you get it, hope there´s a few on it you can add to your set list.
All the best for your future, We´ve spoke to Kelly and told him about the Stereosonics and that they did you justice.
Take Care
Beryl & Oscar"

So there you have it, two great successes acheived in Cwmaman parralel to their extensively successful gigging history.

Stereosonics front man, Shane Cross, has also regularly met with Kelly, Adam, Richard and Javier and discussed the tribute band with them.

Stereosonics continue to perform regularly and give a performance that is second to none and have become renowned for providing great entertainment. A night with Stereosonics could not be rivalled unless you had an audience with Stereophonics themselves!!!

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