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What Rock
Where Cardiff
Contact Website: www.sixtyonline.com
Phone: 07723916518
Email: sixty@lauramakin.freeserve.co.uk

sixty were formed in the summer of 2004 and started life as a 5-piece outfit focused on playing old and new classic cover songs as a basis for creating a fully functioning rock band.
a few ropy gigs and several member changes later and the band had streamlined itself into its current 4-piece line-up consisting of alan angel on lead guitars, tom marshall on drums, jamie charnley on bass and james hunt as vocalist.
sixty quickly realised their talent for writing catchy tunes with influences ranging from prog rock to funk and soon developed a driving rock sound with powerful guitar riffs, solid earthy vocals and a gutsy backline.
soon they were playing live in a variety of local pubs around south wales. however, through entering competitions and supporting other local acts, sixty rapidly got to play bigger and more diverse venues including the bristol carling academy, cardiffs coal exchange and open air bike festival, bykerfest.
it was not long before sixty became a well established and popular act playing gigs all over south wales and south west england to a following of dedicated fans. 2005 saw the band complete their first solid demo and establish a professional website which continues to play a key part in communicating with fans and industry folk alike. despite their popularity, sixty are still unsigned but the boys are hoping that 2006 will be the year that elusive record deal comes their way.

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