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right then, here´s the story - giant started off just over 5 years ago, when martyn met dave g. now, martyn had already been in a band with paul, for 3 years or so before this, but due to various absences as a result of university frolics, it sort of disappeared!

martyn, dave g and paul formed an acoustic 3-piece. they played a few gigs, before deciding that it would sound much better, and louder, if they used drum tracks & hired a bass player - yipee! - enter dave h-s on the bass and some nifty sampled drum loops.

so, giant was formed (not before some serious band name swapping) and began playing up & down the north wales coast, hoping to capture people´s imagination with their unique rockpop mix.

as time went by, giant decided that they really needed a drummer. after many trials (and spinal tap moments), they stumbled across a fella called jase (of dive and lantern fame), who took up the challenge.

so there we are, giant are now a 5 - piece, the jigsaw complete.

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