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Crimes Against Folk

What Country
Where Monmouthshire
Contact Website: www.crimesagainstfolk.co.uk
Phone: 07564464708
Twitter: @FolkCrimes
Facebook: crimesagainstfolk
Email: crimesagainstfolk@gmail.com

In a large glass pour 4 generous measures of Canadian Twang and a quaich of Scots Snap. Then add a goodly dose of Welsh Hwyl. Finally pour in as much Irish Craic as will fit the glass, then put the fiery concoction away safely, for very special occasions, and file under: "Crimes Against Folk"

Crimes Against Folk are a family band. We play exuberant and unabashed songs and tunes from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Canada. We have toured extensively in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and have regular slots at O'Neill's in Cardiff and the Live Lounge.

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