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And it was formed from the twisted fantasy world that the Genetic Modification of Andy saw in vivid acid flashbacks. Over the years he poured vile chemicals into molten steel and rang a hammer on an anvil made from broken music boxes and porcelain dolls.

From the flames that poured beneath, a stone eyed Wordsmith heard the racing tones of shattered childhoods and frozen dreams and manifested itself as Jinx - a voice that incorporated the very guttural wail of the river Styx.

These mirror worlds now joined the two slaved day and night, the one fusing old and new technology with the festering vehemence that poured forth from the Wordsmiths twisted core. The steaming pile on the floor twisted and contorted at the workings of the frantic undertakings, twitching with each distorted beat and asserting its distinctive presence as the noise shaped and carved brutally around it.

Held in the veils ambiguous line between existence and finite trauma it found itself constantly changing its tattered form, mutating its features to give itself new life and meaning. Project Gee raised its arched spine and wailed into the night before breaking loose and stowing away on an ancient fishing tanker.

After weeks of searching they finally caught up to the wretched creature alone on a blood stained and run down vessel, a pale reflection of its original state when Project Gee had first boarded. He was screaming about the mutant salmon and how he needed help as the steel fishing net was cutting into his wiry hands. The three reunited spent 2 days pulling at the rusted net, pouring sweat and blood down onto the decrepit deck as they strained for the elusive catch.

At the end of the second day as the sun sliced deep into the horizon, the tail end of the catch collapsed down between them all. It swam and flapped among the scarred and deformed fish, venting forth a pale substance from its encrusted gas mask. After the convulsions gave way it stood up to face its captors and pointed to a crude branding along its spine. Goroldski Clappinsnatch, and by using bones he salvaged brutally from the living fish around them he introduced himself as a reject from the Russian bio-chemical labs.

The four have now all been assimilated into a specially adapted particle accelerator that pin points distorted visions, noises and thoughts and bleeds them into articulate noise. This machine is adapted biologically, visually, vocally and digitally on a day to day basis. This machine is neither awake or asleep. This machine is Cyclotron.

Peace and love peoples :D

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