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What Experimental
Where Cardiff
Contact Website: www.jugganote.com
Twitter: @jugganote
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/JuggaNote
Email: joe@jugganote.com

The JuggaNote project started in January 2007, the band made up of 4 musicians each with their own unique styles, influences, and backgrounds of music. The instrumental side of the band mainly provided by a live bass and guitar. The hip hop element provided by an MC and use of the MPC sampler. The outcome is true blend of experimental and alternative styles.

JuggaNote's aim? To put on a performance like no other, combining live instruments with hip hop's more conventional outputs. Keeping the fun loving old school vibe alive whilst maintaining credibility by addressing current issues on the state of the world today.

JuggaNote's mission? To be as high impact and intense whether you're listening to a studio recording or witnessing the music being created live on stage. To continually grow and progress as musicians, a band and possibly a collective? To instigate, inspire and encourage change.

For JuggaNote's full Bio please visit the band's official website.

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