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Contact Website: www.deniro.org.uk
Email: james@deniro.org.uk

deniro are richard (vocals), david (guitar), james (bass), and crag (drums). they come from south wales in the uk. the various individuals involved have exisited as a band in one way or another for many years, rumours are the origins date back to the last millenium sometime but no one is quite sure (or really cares for that matter). microphones have been pointed at them in order to record sound, as have cameras to record images most of which are still but some as if by magic are moving. only the most recent of these can be found on this website as older recordings have been lost in various (unconnected) shipwrecks long ago. other things that are known; deniro have been writing songs and gigging mainly around south wales and reviewers have said; "...it´s driving baggy grooves and smoky psychedelic rock atmospherics all the way - delivered with the gloriously blotto panache of dedicated stoners..." (radio 1, bethan & huw exposure site) and "...attack on the senses...one to watch..." (hale entertainment magazine).

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