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Black Sabbath Tribute - N.I.B. Cymru

What Heavy Metal
Where Caerphilly
Contact Phone: 07881797348
Twitter: @NIBCYMRU
Facebook: NIBCYMRU
Email: nibcymru@yahoo.co.uk

N.I.B. CYMRU- A Black Sabbath tribute, for fans, by fans. Light in cheesy cabaret, heavy on the music.

Current set comprises of the following:

Symptom of the Universe/War Pigs/Iron Man/Black Sabbath/The Wizard/N.I.B./Supernaut/Under The Sun/Electric Funeral/Paranoid/Sweet Leaf/A National Acrobat/Children Of The Grave/Snowblind/Into The Void/Lord Of This World/Sabbath Blood Sabbath/Never Say Die/Fairies Wear Boots

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