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Contact Website: www.hecatombe.com.br
Phone: 55549603638
Email: hecatombe@hecatombe.com.br

After near a decade, Hecatombe tried to consolidate its own identity, mixing its members most unequal influences, working and improving its songs´ production, always on a perfection and style´s distinguish search.
Since the band development, a constant writing process has been kept, resulting, so far, at three demo-cds recorded: Nightmares (2001), Demo 2002 (2002), both with excellent midia and fans feedback, and the upcoming Hate ´n Rage (2008).
Hate ´n Rage had a very, very special band´s attention. Its development began immediately atfter Demo 2002 record´s ending. During all this time, lots of songs was and are been written. What we´ve got in Hate ´n Rage are the songs that contains the proposal and unity reached for this project. All production, since its booklet, recording and publishing was carefully planned and studied by the band.
On the live stuff, the band also prize maximum and professional quality, focusing set list on own material.

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