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Contact Website: www.melou-music.com
Phone: 781-726-251
Email: sabian1100@yahoo.com

How would you expect a band to sound that formed in Guatemala and then evolved in Boston, New York, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Switzerland, and Barcelona? It´s a sound as diverse as the players themselves...

Melou is an eclectic group of international musicians from completely different backgrounds. Led by the incredibly soulful and powerful voice of Boston native Annie Goodchild, the sound is a true mix of blues, jazz, folk, reggae, bossanova, swing, and soul. Annie herself is inspired by singers from Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James to Janis Joplin and Bjork, while the other members each bring their own sound into the mix...

The core of the band was founded over the winter of ´04/´05 in (of all places) Antigua, Guatemala. While Annie was singing in a tequilla bar in the artistic Central-American city, she met guitarist and songwriter Maarten Reijnierse who was working in a hospital after leaving his home of the Netherlands. After four months of nightly gigging in Central America they spent time in Boston and New York City writing loads of original music and playing with a variety of amazing musicians. The vibes were right and the sounds were inspiring... But their trek around the world had only begun...

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