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The Metros

What Rock
Where Swansea
Contact Website: www.the-metros.co.uk
Phone: 07860876385
Email: the-band@the-metros.co.uk

"the metros are a four piece rock band from the south wales, city of swansea, many of you will have seen them play at the tavern or in "the inferno", but their talent does not stop there, so what is the metros story?

the metros collaboration was officially started in sept 2004 when al (bassist) and robin (drummer) were looking for a singer and guitarist. during an open mic evening at the uplands tavern, jonny mernagh was spotted singing a couple of nice little numbers of his own with the support of another guitarist. a few words and numbers were exchanged and the metros were born. at the time the lads were jamming with jordan thomas but unfortunately he had to leave for a career in london, so a more recent addition to there guitar section is that of steff tucker another swansea lad with a natural penchant for adding that extra dimension to the band through his talented guitar skills.

"the next stage was to create our set," said jonny, "we had a few tunes of our own already but they needed working into something playable with the band, plus we needed a lot more songs to allow us to play a complete set, it was fine for the open mic, but we wanted to play all evening." so they wrote their own music, practised it till it was spot on, and now, just watch them go!

their music is a mix of rock and roll, punchers through to some vocally driven ballards. i think it is reasonable to say that there songs are not dissimilar to a sixties rock sound which is comparable to the early beatles vibe with a hint of the stereophonics thrown in. along with an eclectic mix of musical styles running through there complete set. "this variation stems from the song writing coming from all the members of the group," al said, "we write on an individual basis before the tunes are then banded up, allowing each members input. we are so much more than our instruments and egos."

also thrown into amoungst the talent of these four young musicians is jonny mernaghs charismatic stage prescence. his antics go along way to entertain the crowd between and even during songs, as anyone who has seen this band live will know. their hope for the near future is to play as many gigs, and to share there musical style with as many listeners as possible.

my advice to anyone reading this is to go and catch these guys whilst they are still playing small intermate venues, you will not be disappointed, particularly if jonny is on form, as he usually is!

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