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What Folk
Where Carmarthenshire
Contact Website: www.trenchfootmusic.com
Phone: 07815823497
Twitter: @trenchfootmusic
Facebook: trenchfootmusic
Email: teddypenllew@gmail.com

Original music in a British folk style, with Americana overtones in harmony and instrumentation. Foot stomping songs, stories and tales from WW1 which are not sad, but there are one or two that will bring a tear. This is an amazing gig:

Rachael Misstear, Western Mail, Nov 24th 2014:
Nothing has captured my imagination of the Great War as much as performances I saw at the launch of a new band, a kind of story-telling group formed in Carmarthenshire.Trenchfoot, which is hoping to tour around Wales, tells stories of how the Great War touched the lives of so many, echoing the feelings of the people from Wales.The context of each song was introduced with the use of real artefacts from the war, and local anecdotes to set the scene. Some stories real, others imagined. They all burst to life, not only recounting those from the Western Front, but those from back home in Wales, told as the mothers, the lovers and children. The songs, each detailing raw emotion, even included those of the men who couldnt face life in a village of peace, after living under fire for so long. It struck me, as tears tumbled down my cheeks, that this is the way to really help people empathise. There's something about song that impresses itself upon us, tapping into nuances of emotion we didn't know we had, and finding old memories that don't belong to us.

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