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The Midbeats

What Alternative Rock
Where Wrexham
Contact Phone: 07882236392
Email: hutchenski_records@yahoo.co.uk

the story of the midbeats started in the summer of 2005, when andy, matt and drummer mr mac, left their old lives behind and escaped to an old cottage in a remote part of wales. armed with not much, two microphones and an 8 track tape recorder, this ´lost week´ spawned the ep it´s now or never. with tales of fortunes and intoxicating buses, the three mids did indeed like the beat, and so, decided to name themselves a band. back to the reality of middle england they went, and before long, an album was near complete. andy and matt dreamed of a long lost myth they once knew, a being with vains rife with rock and roll. as if by magic, dave dorman flew in on the next vocal harmony, and the album introducing the midbeats was finished. one mid, with talent more than just the beat, mr mac, decided he wanted to make people laugh, so he flew the nest south, leaving the other mids with upside down smiles. after two thousand and six years, the cassette tapes were again calling, and without mr mac, andy´s ivory hands, which had by now also emigrated to the rusty strings, were now too gracing the drum skins. "this will not do" shouted matt´s blistered fingers, and so the other mids sang their hearts out until amazingly, al burns appeared in front of them on a drum stool eating yogurt. with this presence, the band were now ready to step into the night of day and sing to the clapping faces, they hope to see you there too.

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